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CalRecycle Community Collaboration Center This SharePoint site includes several subsites to faciliate collaboration between CalRecycle staff and trusted external stakeholders.
Program Contact: Paige Lettington
City/County Annual Payment and Reporting System This system allows local governments to apply for payments from the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act.
Program Contact: Shamila Tooker
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Covered Electronic Waste Information System Approved collectors and recyclers in the Covered Electronic Waste Payment System are able to submit their annual net costs reports via this system.
Program Contact: Andrew Hurst
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Facility Information Toolbox Facility operators of California’s transfer stations, material recovery facilities, compost facilities, and disposal facilities can update information (e.g. address, contacts, material types, capacity, throughput) about their facility.
Program Contact: Peter Staklis
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Grants Management System Interested parties may apply for grants online, and grantees may submit payment requests and required reports.
Program Contact: Joseph Pacheco
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Household Hazardous Waste Reporting This system allows staff to manage local jurisdictions' annual reports (Form 303).
Program Contact: Stephanie Fernandes
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Listserv Management System This application enables staff to establish and manage one-way listservs.
Program Contact: Jean Estes
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Local Government Information Center LoGIC is designed to help California cities and counties easily submit, find, and manage their solid waste disposal and diversion data.
Program Contact: Christopher Bria
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Local Government Information Center LoGIC application.
Local Government Oil Payment Program This system (referred to by users as OPPO--Oil Payment Program Online) allows local governments to apply for payments and submit required annual reports.
Program Contact: Baljot Biring
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Mattress Recovery and Recycling Program This system allows mattress program participants to submit their annual reports and allows SuMR and the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) to access the data for reporting purposes.
Program Contact: Heather Beckner
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Recycling Market Development Zone Information Reporting System Zone administrators can log into the system to develop and submit their annual progress reports. The system also includes information about zones, participating businesses, and loans.
Program Contact: Frank Severson
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Reusable Grocery Bag Reporting System Reusable grocery bag producers use this system to submit their proof of certification for reusable grocery bags manufactured, imported, sold, or distributed in California.
Program Contact: Robert Contreras
Rigid Plastics Packaging Container Program Staff use this system to manage Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) manufacturer information, as well as pre-certification and certification cycles for selected container manufacturers.
Program Contact: Katie Garrison
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Solid Waste Information System (SWIS LEA Portal) Legacy SASCore apps for the SWIS Online/Inspection and LEA Portal. The LEA Portal allows authorized LEA staff to submit documents electronically to CalRecycle staff for review and public posting. The SWIS Online/DIP portal allows local enforcement agencies (LEA) to submit their inspections electronically.
Program Contact: Melissa Parker
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State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) State agencies use this system to submit their SABRC compliance annual reports.
Program Contact: Curie Canuela
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State Agency Reporting Center State agencies use this system to submit their Waste Management Annual Report.
Program Contact: Arlene Iwahiro
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Waste Characterization Data System A system to store, analyze, and display waste characterization data collected in semi-annual waste characterization studies either contracted out or conducted by the department.
Program Contact: Kamrun Zargar
Waste Tire Management System System of record for all CalRecycle waste tire activities including tire hauler registration, hauler manifests, and facility inspection reports. Local enforcement entities may use the system to submit their data and research regulated facility information.
Program Contact: Okla Hensley
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