Waste Tire Management System3.86.0092
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Waste Tire Management System (WTMS) Sign-In

CalRecycle’s Waste Tire Management System (WTMS) has been updated with new web technologies and enhanced features for our users. Please update your bookmarks!

CalRecycle staff and Grantee Inspectors can log into WTMS in Core Portal at:


Haulers have a customized Hauler Portal for annual renewals and Manifest submissions:


Generators and End Use Facilities can view their CTLs in the Manifest Portal:


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You must have a CalRecycle WebPass account to access to WTMS. Call the Tires Hotline toll free (866) 896-0600 (English and Spanish) for access to WTMS.

Waste Tire Management System https://secure.calrecycle.ca.gov/WTMS/
Contact: WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov 1-866-896-0600 (toll free)
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